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    Get unbelievably clean glass surfaces from our team of window cleaning experts

    It can extremely easy to forget about your windows while all the dirt and grime accumulates, making your entire property look bad. This is especially true in Kerala where the high humidity levels and heat make it much easier for dirt and bacteria to cling to glass surfaces. Unfortunately, the longer you let your windows go without a proper cleaning, the more difficult it is to get back that streak-free shine. No matter how big or small the job, our team of window washing professionals will work hard to provide your commercial space with windows so clean and clear that you’ll wonder if the glass has been completely removed!

    High-end window washing

    Not all glass cleaning companies are created equal. Magic Clean Xpert offers the very best in window washing techniques and environmentally-friendly products to make sure that no hard water spots are left behind.

    Our proven cleaning system will ensure that we leave you with spotless windows with very little interruption to your day. Many of our current customers have said that they don’t even know that we’re there! So what can you gain by having magic clean provide you with window cleaning services?

    • Reduced allergies – When you allow dirt and grime to gather around your windows, it makes it much easier for allergens to enter your offices when the windows are opened.
    • Decreased illness – A clean environment is a healthy environment, and that includes all of your windows and glass surfaces.
    • More productive employees – With the ability to allow clean, natural sunlight into your workspace, you’ll enjoy more productive employees.
    • Beautiful spaces – With spotless windows, your entire interior and exterior spaces will look bigger, brighter and more beautiful. No crack or crevice is overlooked
    Cleaning your windows can be extremely challenging because it is nearly impossible to get into all those cracks and crevices. Our professional team of knowledgeable cleaning technicians will work hard to ensure that no crack or crevice is overlooked. Because we clean glass surfaces day in and day out, we know how to provide you with the professional service you deserve.

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